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What is the format of the anti-bullying assembly?


The “You Matter” Tour combines live musical performances with related topic discussion. Specifically the program opens with a video of Casey's audition of American Idol, followed by her performance of the song "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato and a discussion of perceived success and failure.  Next, Casey performs her original song "Little Girl" and then discusses the idea of risk taking and goal setting. The next song performed is "Enough," which describes the immediate and long-term effects of bullying. The last original song performed is called "Beautiful," which describes Casey's emotional struggle with her appearance. The following discussion is about self-love and respect. The show closes with all the students joining in as Casey performs Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire".  If time permits, there can be a variety of follow-up options: smaller group discussions with students affected by mental health issues, such as anxiety and/or depression; a school-wide Q & A session, or a meet & greet with photo opportunities and signed posters for students.


What are the objectives of the anti-bullying program?


A main objective of this program is to promote empathy to those students who are suffering the ill effects of bullying both in and out of school.


Another objective of The “You Matter” Tour is setting goals, taking the necessary steps to achieve those goals, and believing in your abilities to succeed.


A third objective of the performance is to provide encouragement to students by showing them the importance of self-love, respect, and kindness to others.




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